Hello. My name is Vasily Filatov.

I compose music for movies, create the sound design for everything that may sound on the screen or in reality and realize interesting projects.

Several years ago I opened a studio SoundDesigner.PRO that helps brands find their own unique sound. As well I lectured about the sound design, about music in cinematography and media producing.

This year main projects of our team are the Institute of Sound Design and Sound Sunday. We believe that the world is changing for the better when people share knowledge!

We have a lot of plans and upcoming events, and if you want to know about them one of the first or if we can help each other - send me an e-mail or subscribe to the mailing list. I will be glad to share good news with you.
Contact me at Facebook, Vkontakte and LinkedIn. I use Taaasty for blog.
Twitter — once in a blue moon yet but sharing lovely photos in Instagram.
If you have any idea or you want to offer something — drop me a line :)
Special thanks to Nikita and his dream team for platform Tilda.
Photos on the main page made by Yulia Zakharova, who has catched me during lecture on Sound Sunday :)